Our Products

TechnoDigm Fluid Dispensing Valves and Controllers are designed to meet the dispensing demand of every application. Our comprehensive range ensures excellent accuracy and reliability over all types of material viscosities and shot sizes.

TechnoDigm Automated Fluid Dispensing Systems offer reliable operation with excellent repeatability for precise adhesives, sealants and encapsulants applications in many assembly and manufacturing processes. It can be mounted with a wide range of valves for different materials and applications combining flexibility with practical functionality for the most cost-effective dispensing solution. This system also comes with different material handling systems and process control features.

TechnoDigm Spray Coating System is a programmable selective coating system that allows you to dispense only on required areas to reduce cycle time and eliminate the need for masking. It comes with various types of spray heads to cater to different coating material and spraying profile.

Meter Mix Dispensing Systems provide the most accurate and convenient way to meter, mix and dispense 2-part materials like polyurethane, epoxies and silicones. From a table top gravity fed system to fully automated in-line systems, TechnoDigm has a good range of Meter-Mix Dispensing Systems to suit your application needs.

Syringe Filling Systems are designed for material transfer from various types of packaging to smaller syringes (from 3cc to 55cc). It does not create issues like wastages from dripping. It will not create or introduce air bubbles into the materials during transfer applications.

In dispensing applications, there is often the issue of bubbles being contained in the material dispensed. These bubbles may cause dispensing defects and inconsistencies which may hinder product quality. Our Centrifugal Deaerator eliminates bubbles to obtain the optimal dispensing performance.

TechnoDigm UV (Ultraviolet) Curing Systems range from Spot curing, Flood curing to Conveyorised curing systems. These UV Curing Systems can be integrated into existing manufacturing assembly lines or used as stand-alone, bench-top curing systems and can be used with various kinds of UV adhesives and coatings.

TechnoDigm offers a variety of disposable syringe barrels with luer lock tip adapter, accepting standard dispensing needles & tips. Industrial grade.

TechnoDigm LED UV Flood Curing System is a high performance with UV intensity higher. With a touch screen and GUI for parameter setting, comes loaded with easy to set parameters. Another smart feature of the LED UV Flood Curing System is its ability to detect and alert users of failed LEDs that need replacement.

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