Needle Valve NV400

NV400 is a mid to low volume dispense valve. It is designed for ease of use and low maintenance. NV400 can dispense precise volume repeatedly down to microlitre. As with most of our valve, NV400 was put through a rigorous testing regime of more than half a million cycles repeatedly.

Equipped with a precise micrometer, the NV400 allows fine volumetric programming of the dispensed volume. With almost zero dead fluid volume and a positive shutoff, drooling of fluid is eliminated. NV400 is ideal for use with most adhesives, epoxies, lubricants, solvents and marking ink.

Valve Type Needle
Cycle Rate > 400/min
Range of Temp. 5 - 50°C
Fluid Viscosity Low to Medium
Operating Air Pressure 4.8 Bar
Fluid Delivery Pressure 6.9 Bar
Driving Part Materials
Cylinder Body Aluminium
Piston Aluminium
Wetted Part Material
Chamber Stainless Steel
Seals Teflon
Connecting Ports
Dispense Tips 20 - 34 Gauge
Operating Air Inputs M5 thread with push-in fitting for 6mm OD tube
Material Inlet ¼ 28 UNF
Material Outlet N.A
Weight 250g