Needle Valve NV200

Built to provide flexibility in dispensing, NV200 can be used to manage and control the flow of multiple materials. Whether it is a low or high viscous fluid, or all kinds of inks, solvents, silicone oils, light-curable adhesives, and even grease, this needle valve is a game-changer. It is perfect for high-volume automation, even if dispensing of shots or beads is the main requirement.

Operating Air Pressure 4 Bar to 6 Bar
Fluid Delivery Pressure Max 7.0 Bar
Dispense Tip 14 - 32 Gauge
Weight 316g
Driving Part Materials
Cylinder Body Aluminium
Piston SUS304 Stainless Steel
Wetted Part Materials
Chamber Stainless Steel
Seals Teflon
Seat Peek
Connecting Ports
Operating Air Inputs M5 thread with push-in fitting for 6mm OD tube
Material Inlet Metal Female Luer & Compression Fitting for OD6 Tube
Material Outlet Needle Adapter with Lock Nut

Needle Valve in action