IDS2000 Automated Dispensing Systems

IDS2000 is suitable for medium to high volume productions; it combines flexibility with practical functionality for the most cost-effective dispensing solution.

IDS2000 is built on a dispensing platform that is designed for fast and accurate dispensing of a wide variety of materials. It is built using the latest technology on LINEAR actuators and motors with close-loop feedback. Its accuracy and repeatability is extremely good and will meet or exceed the specifications demanded of today’s high end dispensing systems.

This system is versatile enough to handle all kinds of solder paste, SMT adhesives, UV and heat curable epoxies and 2-part (dual cartridge) materials. It can come with integrated dispensing equipment or it can be configured to accept any specific request on external dispensers or valves.

It is also available in conveyorized (3 sections, SMEMA standard) or standalone configuration. In the conveyorized model, board width is adjusted simply by keying in the correct dimensions instead of manual adjustments.

User Oriented Software

The UOS software is based on Windows™ for easy programming and learning. It has simple user-friendly interface for setup and production. Engineers will find it easy to program different applications and operators will find it easy to use for production. Options and features are easily accessed on the screen. To aid programming, numerous standard patterns like rectangles, circles and spirals are available.

The vision has features such as Reject Mark detection, Edge detection, SPC data and Dot Size measurements in addition to standard fiducial (local and global) alignment.

XY Axis
XY Placement Accurac ±35 μm
Speed ±10 μm
Acceleration 1000 mm/s
Encoder resolution 1.0 μm
Gantry Drive System Linear motor
Working Envelope 300 x 300 mm
Z Axis
Z Placement Accuracy ±25 μm
Repeatability ±10 μm
Speed 200 mm/s
Encoder resolution 1.0 μm
Gantry Drive System AC Servomotor c/w ball screw
Z Axis Stroke 100 mm
Z Sense Type CCD Laser
Power Requirement 230 VAC 50 Hz 15A Single phase
Air Supply Requirements 5 CFM (2.36 l/s) at ≥ 90 psi
Dimension (W x D x H) ~1000 mm x 1500 mm x 1680 mm
Weight ~800 kg
Industry Standard SMEMA
Programming Method Teach camera or Needle Teach

Using Jetting Valve for High Speed Dotting – Speed and Repeatability

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