Blunt End Tips

Blunt End Tips Dispensing are constructed with stainless steel straight cannula epoxy sealed to a double helix Luer lock polypropylene hub. Polished burr-free finish for smooth fluid dispensing.


  • Burr-free polished stainless steel
  • Threaded luer lock fittings
  • Bonded to colour-coded polypropylene hubs
Guage Size 0.5" 1.0" 1.5" Color
14G TBE14G050 TBE14G100 TBE14G150 Olive
15G TBE15G050 TBE15G100 TBE15G150 Brown
16G TBE16G050 - - Grey
17G TBE17G050 - - White
18G TBE18G050 TBE18G100 TBE18G150 Green
19G TBE19G050 - - Black
20G TBE20G050 TBE20G100 TBE20G150 Pink
21G TBE21G050 TBE21G100 TBE21G150 Purple
22G TBE22G050 TBE22G100 TBE22G150 Blue
23G TBE23G050 TBE23G100 TBE23G150 Orange
24G TBE24G050 - - Light Blue
25G TBE25G050 TBE25G100 TBE25G150 Red
26G TBE26G050 - - Peach
27G TBE27G050 TBE27G100 TBE27G150 Clear
28G TBE28G050 - - Light Grey
30G TBE30G050 TBE30G100 TBE30G150 Lavender
32G TBE32G050 - - Yellow