Meter Mix Dispensing Systems

Meter Mix Dispensing Systems provide the most accurate and convenient way to meter, mix and dispense 2-part materials like polyurethane, epoxies and silicones. From a table top gravity fed system to fully automated in-line systems, TechnoDigm has a good range of Meter-Mix Dispensing Systems to suit your application needs.

MM1000 offers a simple, convenient and easy-to-use meter-mix system that is low in cost and maintenance. It is a fixed ratio, positive rod displacement metering system that meters, mix and dispense with good ratio and volumetric consistency.
MM3000GP offers a high precision meter mix system that utilizes gear pumps to provide a continuous dispensing of mixed material with precisely controlled flow rate and mixing ratio.
MM4000GP incorporates MM3000GP into a structured floor-standing system complete with handling systems such as rotary table and conveyor system.
MM5000LA is a meter mix-dispense system that utilizes motorized linear actuators to provide accurate mixing ratio and dispensing volume. The metering actuators are driven by individual servo motors,
Dual Cartridge Dispensers a controlled amount of material from such a package effortlessly, a dual cartridge dispenser gun should be used.