Dispensing Valves

TechnoDigm Dispensing Valves are designed to meet the dispensing demand of every application. Our comprehensive range ensures excellent accuracy and reliability over all types of material viscosities and shot sizes.

The working principal of this valve is such that on the retraction of the piston, a “Negative Pressure” is created to “Pull Back” the material so as to achieve a quick cut off and or prevent dripping of material.
Positive Displacement Pump (PDP) utilizes direct drive mechanism to deliver precise amount of epoxy without using compressed air. It can be used on any type of materials that is package in standard 30 and 10cc industrial barrel. It is especially useful for volumetric dispensing of short pot life material because there is no contact between motorized parts and material.
AV100 is designed with a positive shut off that eliminates drooling. More importantly, this new feature allows the valve to dispense fluids with viscosity as low as 5K cps. Similar to the AV200, the AV100 is also driven by a DC servo motor.
Auger Valve is designed for dispensing applications which requires good volumetric accuracy. It incorporates a precision motor, which provides high and consistent torque to dispense medium to very high viscosity paste effortlessly. Auger Valve is highly suitable for applications like Die Attach, Sealing, Dotting and Encapsulation.
The AV300 was designed as an economic alternative to the AV200. Driven by a high-quality DC brush motor, the AV300 provides a holistic solution capable of addressing most dispensing requirements.
SV300 series is an air atomizing Spray Valve. It utilizes low air pressure to break coating materials into tiny droplets and deposit it onto any coating surfaces. Atomizing pressure can be as low as 8 psi. This will ensure that coating material hitting the coating surfaces will not “bounce’ or blown off the intended coating area.
The Precision Piston Valve NV300 is a dedicated valve designed for small volume dispensing applications. It can be used for dots, lines, potting or any applications that requires good volume precision.
Needle Valve can be used for a wide range of material; from low to high viscosity fluid such as light-curable adhesives, solvents, inks, lubricants, grease and silicone oils. This needle valve offers extreme accuracy, whether dispensing beads or shots, and is easily integrated into high-volume automation.
NV400 is a mid to low volume dispense valve. It is designed for ease of use and low maintenance. NV400 can dispense precise volume repeatedly down to microlitre.
NV500 works remarkably in providing efficient, precise, and reliable dispensing cycles, especially when used in automation systems.