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BY TECHNODIGM ON April 13, 2018 UNDER Dispensing System
IDS2000 is suitable for medium to high volume productions; it combines flexibility with practical functionality for the most cost-effective dispensing solution. [...]
BY TECHNODIGM ON February 27, 2018 UNDER Metering and Mixing
The need to meter, mix and then dispense lubricants, adhesives, epoxy and other fluid products is an essential step in almost every manufacturing process. With so many different meter mix system available in the market, how do we know which one suits our needs? [...]
BY TECHNODIGM ON January 29, 2018 UNDER Dispensing System Videos
TechnoDigm sets the standard for monitoring of precise dispensing with our IDS2000 machine. Some features include Laser Height Sensor, Edge Detection and Needle Calibration to ensure accurate and precise dispensing of fluid material. [...]
BY TECHNODIGM ON January 25, 2018 UNDER Dispensing System Videos
Integrated with Auger Valve, our automatic dispensing system delivers an accurate and continuous flow of fluid material for Gasketing. Our system provides non-contact and high precision height measurement option. [...]
BY TECHNODIGM ON December 12, 2017 UNDER Dispensing System Videos
Encapsulation Process Using Automatic Fluid Dispensing Systems [...]
BY TECHNODIGM ON December 12, 2017 UNDER Videos
Positive Displacement Pump PDP1000 Demonstration [...]