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BY TECHNODIGM ON November 17, 2020 UNDER Press Releases
Nov 17, 2020: TechnoDigm Innovation Pte Ltd proudly announced that it has introduced two new products for UV intensity measurement, UV Read RT & a UV Radiometer.  They are built with patented proprietary sensors that enable it to withstand higher temperature then standard sensors in the current market.  [...]
BY TECHNODIGM ON November 3, 2020 UNDER UV Curing System
TechnoDigm has introduced two new models, UVL2020 & UVL1005 to the LED UV Flood System family. It uses low maintenance, high intensity LED light for faster curing of light-curing material like adhesives, coatings, and UV inks. [...]
BY TECHNODIGM ON October 20, 2020 UNDER UV Curing System
Industry 4.0 with the help of interconnectivity through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) takes the emphasis on digital technology to a new level. [...]
BY TECHNODIGM ON October 20, 2020 UNDER UV Curing System
In a production process that involves UV curing, any changes in a UV intensity output can result in a large number of defective or rejected parts if not detected immediately. UVRead is designed for the quantitative measurement of high-intensity UVA. [...]
BY TECHNODIGM ON October 19, 2020 UNDER Dispensing System
Digital Dispenser DD3000 is an easy to use touchscreen digital dispenser. The large screen is able to display all settings without the need to scroll or switch screens. [...]
BY TECHNODIGM ON August 6, 2020 UNDER Metering and Mixing
MM3000GP series has been specifically designed to provide high precision volumetric metering, homogeneous mixing, and consistent dispensing. [...]