Blog: TechnoDigm Introducing UVLSpot, Ultimate UV LED Spot Curing System for Rapid Curing
January 13, 2021

We, at Technodigm Innovation, take great pleasure to present the latest in our UVLED Cure series, the UVLSPOT. UVLED Spot Curing System is the ultimate solution for industrial applications that require high-intensity UV output and rapid curing. UVLSPOT is extremely useful, versatile and it effectively boosts productivity, achieving significant cost saving in the long run. We understand your requirements and aspire to bring about satisfaction and appreciation as with the launch of UVLSPOT.

The main features:

  • Regulated & Uniform light across the spot size
  • High intensity of up to 1700mw/cm2
  • Reliable and precise strong LED light
  • Long-lasting LED Life
  • No critical focusing point & no restriction on focal distance
  • Able to use with multi-poles light guide
  • Fast exposure without mechanical shutter
  • 365nm, 405nm, and 420nm systems available