Blog: High Power LED UV Curing System For Challenging Adhesive
August 29, 2019

High Power LED UV Curing System For Challenging Adhesive Curing Applications

Recent advances in UV adhesives technology has allowed it to be used in numerous complex applications. Thus, to meet these increasingly demanding applications, the curing method of UV adhesives has to progress.

TechnoDigm Innovation, with its years of experience, is able to offer solutions that will easily meet the demands of today's curing applications. TechnoDigm is able to characterise and understand the capabilities of high powered UV LEDs and develop LED UV Curing Systems that are suitable for today's manufacturing requirements.

TechnoDigm's LED UV Curing system:-

  • Can be used for up to 20,000 hrs.
  • Comes with a range of features like intensity control and LED failure alert.
  • Comes with a temperature sensor to ensure that make prevents LED from overheating.
  • Offer inline intensity monitoring by using in-house developed monitoring solutions with proprietary sensors.
  • Customizable curing sizes.
UV Led Curing System
LED UV Flood Curing System